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ZTT Supercapacitor

Zhongtian Supercapacitor Technology Co., Ltd. (ZTT Supercapacitor) was first established in October 2019. Leading an R&D team of over 100 engineers, ZTT Supercapacitor mainly engages in the manufacture of supercapacitors. Including  cells and modules energy storage systems. Also, together with open-cell aluminum forms. 

Operating two comprehensive platforms for R&D and testing, and one High-Performance Supercapacitor Research Institute of Jiangsu Province. ZTT Supercapacitor’s annual production capability reaches 50 million units. Moreover, ZTT Supercapacitor is certified and recognized with various qualifications including IATF16949, ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO45001. What’s more, its products also passed RoHS authoritative testing. By far, ZTT Supercapacitor has undertaken one provincial science and technology project.  Meanwhile, obtained fourteen authorized patents and two PCT international patents. Among these high-ranking technologies, two of the key technologies are the “International Advanced” level.

Our history

ZTT started on Optical Fiber Communications in 1992, with access to Smart Grid in 2002. And commenced work in the Renewable Energy field in 2011. Now spans the globe with sales & service networks in dozens of locations. With over 30 years of sustainable innovation, ZTT helps make a wide variety of products across industries. For instance, telecom communication, power transmission, marine & offshore, renewable energy, etc… Ever since it first started developing the supercapacitor in 2015, ZTT has expanded a new era of focusing on power delivery and optimizing energy storage to achieve Carbon Emission Peak and Carbon Neutrality.

With research, design, manufacturing, and overseas offices around the world, ZTT supercapacitor offers significant competitive advantages. Including high-tech full-automatic manufacturing & testing workshops, dedicated account management, and order follow-up. Also the ability to respect production lead time. Meanwhile, it has global engineering teams experienced in developing new-to-market product solutions and specially customized requirements.

Research Ability

Holding an abundance of patents and trademarks worldwide, ZTT has established a leading position for its supercapacitor via its advanced R&D, technical staff, and design capabilities. Backed by decades of in-depth R&D, and cooperated with Tsinghua University, ZTT supercapacitors are found in the Automotive, Grid, Industrial, and Transportation sectors. Including but not limited to fast charging AGV, UPS solution to medical equipment, backup power for pitch control in wind turbines, start-stop for vehicles, Smart Meter, and products we use every day.

Based on strong technical capabilities, ZTT supercapacitors have obtained a RoHS certificate, ISO9001, IATF16949, ISO14001, and ISO45001. In addition to key parameters’ advantages of ESR DC & AC, current leakage, high & low-temperature load life, etc… which are superior to domestic counterparts. ZTT supercapacitor has reached an annual capacity of 50 million in 2021, and its quality objective is zero defects.

Why chose ZTT Technology

ZTT supercapacitor, a trusted solutions provider of coins, cells, modules, and systems addressing a full range of end markets. What’s more, ZTT is committed to building an enhanced global and long-standing customer network with its innovation being one of the 20th centuries and beyond.

What Clients say

Luneng Group-logo-partners
ZTT Supercapacitor has maintained a friendly and proactive relationship with Shandong Luneng Group. ZTT Supercapacitor is always a reliable, efficient and professional partner with Shandong Luneng Group in various areas.

CATL has always been looking for extraordinary suppliers and partners in high-tech industry, ZTT Supercapacitor is professional with supercapacitor manufacturing and leaves us with a deep impression.

As one of the leading and trustworthy supercapacitor manufacturers in China, ZTT Supercapacitor always provides high quality products which can be widely applied to different industrial areas.

ZTT Supercapacitor is a trustworthy supplier, who can always provide professional solutions and quick response to ensure the project goes smoothly.

Hexing Group-logo-partners
ZTT Supercapacitor is one of the most professional supercapacitor manufacturers in China that we’ve ever worked with. ZTT Supercapacitor has maintained good cooperation with Hexing Electrical.

Shenzhen JMX-logo-partners
ZTT Supercapacitor is always professional and quick response to the project, and always ready to provide suggestions and solutions to help. JMX established a very friendly partnership with ZTT Supercapacitor.

As a high-tech manufacturing company, ZTT is always exploring the future fields. ZTT Supercapacitor is professional, efficient, patient and willing to offer assistance during the project. ZTT and PEMT are partners at various fields.

ZTT Supercapacitor is an absolutly respectable and trustworthy partner, who is always standby and ready to provide help and solutions. Sinopharm established friendly partnership relationship with ZTT Supercapacitor.