High-tech & Sustainable

Beyond sustainable products, sustainable productions, and supply chains. The shift for sustainable high-tech products continuously increases through worldwide customer demand and regulations.

Digitalization is Rocket Fuel for Advancement

Some point to the fact that digitalization is the key to modernization. While facing the disruption of COVID-19, manufacturers, large and small, realized their existing systems lacked the flexibility, speed, and transparency to adapt.

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Automation is the soul of Manufacturing

Automation, in the context of manufacturing, is the use of equipment to automate systems or production processes. Needless to say, the end goal is to drive greater efficiency by either increasing production capacity or reducing costs, often both.

Thinking Green: Implementation on Expansion

There is an increasing urgency to design sustainable practices that can help future generations and our economy endure. ZTT Supercap is taking sustainable steps concerning green design & manufacturing, which is in accordance with the goal to have a carbon emission peak by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060.