Application of Through-cell Aluminum Foam in Solid-state Batteries

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What do you know about the applications of aluminum foam in solid-state batteries? At present, the electrodes used in solid-state batteries are usually thin-film electrodes with aluminum foil as the current collector, and the loading capacity is only 1~3 mg/cm2, which is very limited to improve the energy density of the battery.

About Aluminum Foam

Based on the characteristics of foamed aluminum, it is proposed to use foamed aluminum as a current collector. Also, composite with ternary electrode materials to prepare a 3D network structure with the high-load solid-state electrode. Which can apply to solid-state batteries. The loading of active materials is greatly improved, among which 1mm thick aluminum foam can currently support 21mg/cm2 of NCM622 active materials. Of which is more than 7 times that of conventional electrodes. Although the active material of the electrode has increased significantly, the 3D network structure of the foamed aluminum keeps the electrode high conductivity. Moreover, the gram-specific capacity of the electrode is basically the same as that of the low-loaded electrode. Then, which indicates that the utilization rate of the active material has not been greatly reduced.

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(Cycling curves (area capacity) of NCM622/SE/Li solid-state batteries based on different current collectors)

Aluminum Foam Capacity

Regarding specific capacity, the foamed aluminum electrode shows obvious advantages. Especially from 0.4 mAh/cm2 of aluminum foil base to 1.3, 1.4, and 1.6 mAh/cm2 of foamed aluminum with different thicknesses. That is to say an increase of 3 to 4 times. No matter mass-energy density or volume energy density, the energy density of solid-state batteries composed of foamed aluminum-based electrodes is 2.5 to 3 times that of aluminum foil-based solid-state batteries.

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for "Aluminum Foam"

(Mass energy density (ME) and volume energy density of NCM622/SE/Li solid-state batteries based on different current collectors)

Therefore, the use of aluminum foam as the electrode current collector of solid-state batteries has promising application prospects for improving the areal-specific capacity and energy density of solid-state batteries.

Electrode TypeAI Foil0.3mm Aluminum Foam0.6mm Aluminum Foam1mmAluminum Foam

(Electrode thickness and loading amount formed by different current collectors)

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