ZTT Supercapacitor


ZTT has been strongly pursuing products that serve energy conservation and low environmental load. Supercapacitor represents those environmental-friendly products. We have a wide range of products to meet customers’ needs, from dozens to thousands of farads.

Compared to the commonly used rechargeable batteries, Supercapacitor, which is capable to be charged-discharged with high current, is an energy storage device that has excellent charge-discharge cycle life. In recent years, with energy issues (reduction of oil consumption, consumer electric power, CO2 emission, and effective use of new energy) being focused, using Supercapacitor in more and more new applications is considered. Installation of Supercapacitor in hybrid or a fuel-cell vehicle is also considered.

ZTT Supercapacitors are customized for a variety of applications that need fast charge/discharge capability and long life.



Superb-S applies to the automotive vehicles for the next generation, communication equipment, IoT, and the industrial equipment of the worldwide customers. The Superb-S is specialized for systems operating in normal ambient environments and provides system designers with the advantages of significantly more reliable performance under a wider temperature range than most other energy storage options available.



Superb-L provides very low ESR even at low and high temperatures. So they are ideal as a backup power supply for automotive electrical components


Ultra-low temperature

Superb-UL Series is ready to combat the effects of extreme environments, which can be used at extremely low temperatures -55℃.



High-V Series are high withstanding voltage 3.0 V achieved. Higher power and energy densities meet customer specifications. They are suitable for electricity storage, battery assistance, short-term backups, etc.


High temperature series (85℃)

High-T Series are now available and they are optimized for wider temperature environments. Supercapacitors are working from -40℃ low temperature to +85℃ high temperature. Hot and humid environments present a variety of system engineering challenges: These conditions often limit lifespans and cause premature failure in competitor products, leading to higher numbers of field replacements and higher maintenance costs. The High-T Series overcomes these common industry challenges and comprises ultracapacitor cells designed specifically for reliable performance in applications operating in adverse conditions.